Facilities and Projects


We believe that every organization has unique sets of values that define success. Therefore, our approach is designed to balance these important variables such as function, aesthetics, performance, and life-cycle costs.

Organizational Development

As the AEC industry continues to become more challenging, most organizations will experience either 1) Growth from new opportunities or 2) A decline in market share and profits. There’s really no in between. Our proven approach and experience enable organizations to thrive in both the short-term and long-term.

  1. BulletStrategic Company Development

  2. BulletCompetitive Differentiation

  3. BulletBusiness Development and Marketing

  4. BulletLeadership Development

  5. BulletSystems Assessment and Advancement

  6. BulletSafety Program Audits and Development

  7. BulletRisk Avoidance

  8. BulletManagement Succession

  9. BulletFinancial Management



To address the significant new challenges in the construction industry, Chamberlin Group was specifically designed to ensure that organizations and facilities reach their potential. We believe this can only happen with the optimum team, systems and processes. Therefore, our services were developed to provide consistent results at the highest possible level.

Our approach is practical, efficient, and quickly puts organizations on the track to a progressive future. 

Key Differentiator - Our services are from proven leaders, not unproven theoretical consultants.

Key Differentiator  - Unlike other organizations and systems, the “human element” is carefully incorporated into everything we do.

We believe that traditional “value engineering” is not nearly as effective as our Value Optimization, a more proactive approach to  ensuring TOTAL facility value.

  1. BulletFeasibility Studies

  2. BulletProgram Management

  3. BulletProject Owner’s Representative

  4. BulletSustainable Planning & Development

  5. BulletRisk Avoidance

  6. BulletProject Team Building

  7. BulletBuilding Automation